Park will open March 18th

Published 4:45 am Saturday, March 16, 2019

Just in time for spring, Bogalusa’s Cassidy Park will completely re-open Monday.

Portions of the park have been closed since Dec. 28, when a flash flood caused considerable damage.

James Hall, public works director for the city of Bogalusa, said that work will still continue on small projects in the park, but enough has been done that it will re-open for good Monday.

“There are still some things that we have to get done, but we don’t want to keep the public out any longer,” he said.

Hall noted that employees with Washington Parish Government were a major assistance in getting the park ready for its re-opening.

“(The parish) did the overlay of the asphalt that was washed away during the flood,” he said. “The parish has the paving machine and everything it takes to do the overlays — the city can only do potholes.

“I called the parish president (Richard Thomas) and asked him for a date that worked for them, and we were able to get started right on that day. The parish was a great help.”

The overlay project began Tuesday, March 12, and was completed soon after, Hall said.

Hall and other city employees had previously suggested a re-opening date far later in the year — such as May or June — but he said that was just a precaution.

“I always want to give us extra time, just in case,” he said. “We were shooting for as quickly as we could, but we still have a city to run. Everything really fell into place and we’re excited to get it back open.”

Hall said that some of the front portions of the park have already been opened to the public, but Monday will be the first time that the entire park is completely ready for visitors.

The first day of spring is Wednesday.