Solution seekers: ‘Think tank’ hopes to help city

Published 4:42 am Saturday, March 2, 2019

A new think tank has come to Bogalusa, and its founders hope that multiple opinions and viewpoints will lead to strong solutions for the community’s problems.

The initiative has been teased with various signs and advertisements throughout the city already, and its members are now pleased to make it official.

“Investing in Bogalusa” is a collective group of citizens working to perform research and propose solutions and courses of action to local governmental bodies. The “think tank” consists of citizens with experience in finance, education, information technology, elected government officials, law enforcement and human relations.

“Our focus is simply: what possible solutions can we provide for elected officials to assist in the resolution or mitigation of the challenges facing our great city of Bogalusa,” said Miles Brandon, founder of the think tank. “We will face many public challenges from the perception of new ideas to the resistance of change. Our desire and love for Bogalusa will act as a catalyst for the success of this program.

“Our desired result is to reduce the challenges facing Bogalusa and, in turn, promote the city of Bogalusa. In addition to promotion, another desired result is to promote the diversification of our economy and growth in our community.”

Meetings will be held the first and third Tuesday of the month at Bogalusa City Hall, and are open to all citizens. Those who wish for more information can email the group at

Brandon visited the Bogalusa Help Center on Wednesday, showing that the message behind Investing in Bogalusa is about more than just mere words. He said that his employer, The Salvage Store Discount Grocery, plans to make regular truck deliveries of donated food to the center.

“We are very, very committed to the city of Bogalusa and this community,” he said.

Cadets from the Bogalusa High School Jr. ROTC battalion and the school’s robotics program volunteered their time to unload the delivery.

“There is no political agenda behind this group,” he said. “Our mission is enrich Bogalusa and to help come up with solutions that we can present to the city council.”

Bogalusa City Council president Teddy Drummond was among the other volunteers at the Bogalusa Help Center on Wednesday. Drummond said that council vice president Danielle Keys also wanted to assist, but had a conflict.

Keys is a member of Investing in Bogalusa as well, Drummond said.