America is ‘great,’ let’s keep it that way

Published 4:47 am Saturday, February 23, 2019

I recently read Mr. Floyd Timmons’ excellent piece on his views of the State of The United States. His concerns are very valid ones and should be addressed from time-to-time, lest we become complacent. To that end, and for sake of conversation, I offer another insight into the situation.

I do not know Mr. Timmons, but have always recognized his commitment to the community, and have been supportive, from afar. But, I disagree with his assessment of the state of America. The United States of America is a Great Nation! It is now, and has been since its inception in 1776. The question we now face is whether we want it to continue, or to venture out into unproven and unchartered territory. In times of unrest, it can be very tempting.

The Greatness of this Country lies in the Constitution of The United States. This document, the only one of its kind in the history of mankind, has managed to keep the Country on-track through all the very obvious injustices we’ve, unfortunately, had to endure. It guided the Nation through the Great American Civil War. Just read President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address after that “horrific” period of our history. We survived that! Without the Constitution of the United States, there would not have been a Martin Luther King. His historic “I have a Dream” speech most eloquently justifies the basic principles of that Constitution. Right here in our City of Bogalusa, and Washington Parish, there would never have been the proud Deacons for Defense was it not for the Constitution of the United States. And, I could go on and on …

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the Constitution, in my opinion, is that it attempts to atone for the injustices to the Indigenous Inhabitants of this land, and to the Slaves and Indentured Servants brought here against their will. I am a descendant of one of those slaves and take special pride in that this Great document addresses Me, specifically, and insures that I am an unquestioned part of this Great Nation. I have lived through, and experienced, a major portion of the worst times this Country has forced on its Black Citizens. And, I am tired of those always trying to tell me what don’t understand! What I do understand is the Black Community is in deep trouble. And, the cause is not this so called “Racist” Country, or White People, or President Trump. That is just an easy “scape-goat.” The first question we should always ask is, what are we doing for ourselves? Mayor Wendy Perrette, at the recent King Day Celebration, asked that “after this one day of reverence, what will you do for the next 364 days?”

Freedom is not easy, and nothing is free! It was not easy back in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence, and later, the Constitution, were barely passed and enacted. And, nothing has changed, as those documents have been embattled almost every step of the way to the present. President Donald Trump simply says “let’s Keep it Great!” We have all better step up and be heard, if you want to keep it that way. I’ve only touched the surface here, as my attempt is generate discussion. Black Americans, get off your “butts,” and White Americans, get your heads out of the hole in the sand. This is just the latest challenge, and it won’t be the last.

Roosevelt Ludd