Royalty at Rotary: MCCA king, queen have been busy

Published 4:49 am Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The MCCA parade might be more than two weeks away, but this year’s king and queen are already staying very busy.

MCCA XXXIX King James Barber and Queen Michelle Goode visited the Bogalusa Rotary Club on Tuesday, where they told members about their time serving as parade royals so far.

“It’s been a wonderful reign so far,” Goode said. “We’ve been very busy. It’s nice to have a chance to have a nice warm meal (at the Rotary meeting) and get a chance to sit down.”

Barber and Goode said they had spent Tuesday morning visiting the Nellie Byers Training Center in Bogalusa, where they brought smiles to the developmentally challenged adults there. They have also already visited several nursing homes, as well as Annunciation Catholic School and Byrd Avenue Primary School. By the time of the parade, they will visit every school in the community.

Barber said that one highlight has definitely been “going to the nursing homes and seeing the school kids.”

Goode pointed out that some of the schoolchildren are unable to attend the parade, so the royals’ visits could be those kids’ best chance to join in the Mardi Gras fun.

Barber said that the king and queen probably make at least two visits a day up until the March 2 parade date, with Valentine’s Day as their only “day off.” Weekends are especially busy, as they attend parties held by each of the participating dens in the Krewe of MCCA.

“In New Orleans they have 40 parades and one big party at the end,” Barber said, with a chuckle. “We have 40 parties and one big parade.”

Goode said that it is fun attending the parties and other events, but she and Barber have to sometimes pace themselves.

“Sometimes we may have to leave early because we have another event to go to,” she said. “That next group or next party deserves for the king and queen to have the same energy and same fun that we have at any event, so sometimes we have to conserve our energy a little!”

As even more proof of how busy the king and queen have been, they said that later Tuesday night they were scheduled to travel to New Orleans with their maids and guards to see a New Orleans Pelicans NBA game.

The 39th MCCA Carnival parade will kick off Saturday, March 2, at 1 p.m. in Bogalusa.