City: Some water bills were wrong

Published 4:56 am Wednesday, December 5, 2018

City of Bogalusa officials said that some customers of the city’s water system may have received inaccurate statements for December.

Some customers could have an incorrect late fee listed on their bills. If bills are not paid by the 10th of the month, customers will be assessed a late fee of $7.50, but never any more. If the bill is paid in a timely manner, there is no late fee.

However, due to a billing company issue, some December bills were printed with different late fees than $7.50. Some customers may show $15, and others may show $22.50.

The reason for the incorrect late fees is because the city’s billing software company has three separate codes for water, sewer and sanitation. The $7.50 late fee should only have been assessed on the water code, but for some reason a few bills had late fees also assessed on the sewer and sanitation codes.

The error is only on the printed bills themselves, and not in the city’s water billing system. In addition, the billing company is aware of the issue and it has been addressed for future bills.