State designates new ‘WellSpots’

Published 3:52 am Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Well-Ahead Louisiana is excited to announce that Schultz Physical Therapy and ADAPT, Inc., have achieved designations as “WellSpots” by Louisiana’s Department of Health, for their commitment to making healthy choices easier.

WellSpots are organizations that have made small, sustainable changes toward improving health and wellness. Well-Ahead Louisiana, the first voluntary designation program of its kind in the state, encourages organizations and individuals to make small healthy lifestyle changes to spaces where Louisiana residents spend most of their time-their workplace. Well-Ahead was launched in 2014 and has designated over 2,800 WellSpots in every parish throughout the state.

“Your commitment to wellness is one of the many ways we will help reduce the economic impact of poor health,” said Melissa Martin, Louisiana Department of Health/Office of Public Health, Director, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. “If we make smart, easy choices together to improve our wellbeing, we could increase Louisiana’s economic output by $62 billion by 2050. Furthermore, your work has the power to improve health outcomes in Louisiana.

“Over the next 20 years, obesity could contribute to 605,617 new cases of type 2 diabetes, 1,222,533 new cases of coronary heart disease and stroke, 1,137,762 new cases of hypertension, 744,189 new cases of arthritis and 170,092 new cases of obesity-related cancer in Louisiana. By encouraging small changes, we can dramatically change these outcomes. Small choices towards wellness, enabled by the environments we’re in every day, allow Louisiana’s residents the opportunity for balance.

“This balance will afford us the chance to feel a little better, and the chance to enjoy our way of life a little longer. We are so excited to partner with Schultz Physical Therapy and ADAPT, Inc. in making Louisiana’s spaces and places healthier for everyone.”

Schultz Physical Therapy and ADAPT met the following benchmarks to become a Louisiana Department of Health Well-Ahead designated WellSpot:

  • Provides a comprehensive Tobacco-Free Policy for employees and visitors.
  • Promotes the free LA Tobacco Quitline and 5210 Healthy Living message with employees and visitors.
  • Provides a comprehensive employee Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Policy for employees.
  • Designated a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Champion by the Mary Amelia Douglas-White Community Women’s Health Center and the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition.
  • Provides healthy meetings for employees.
  • Promotes diabetes and heart health prevention resources.
  • Provides a worksite wellness program for employees.

The healthy practices Schultz Physical Therapy and ADAPT have implemented through the WellSpot designation initiative helps employees and community members make smart choices an easier part of living, working and playing in Louisiana. The goal is to promote health and wellness in workplaces throughout the city encouraging each of us to take small steps to improving your overall health.

Schultz Physical Therapy and ADAPT stand out as leaders in the area to promote healthy living thus caring about their community’s overall health and well-being along with setting the standard for other businesses and community members to follow.

For more information on your business, childcare center, school, healthcare facility or restaurant becoming a Well-Ahead Louisiana WellSpot and to learn about resources available, please visit or contact Taffy Morrison, Well-Ahead Regional Coordinator at (985) 960-0098 or email her at