A bit of holiday fun

Published 3:59 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What in the world can I wear to Sandy’s Halloween get-together? I don’t really have a costume. When the children were young I made up as a clown or hobo time after time, but I really want something different. Maybe next year I’ll plan in advance and have a fabulous costume ready, but probably not.

Halloween usually catches me off guard, and I find myself scrambling for something to wear to our friend’s annual party. I spent a little time thinking about the possibilities and came up with no original ideas. Actually, no idea at all, would be more like it.

My friend, Laura, potted some pine trees for me, and Mike drove me over in his truck to pick them up. As we chatted in the yard Laura said, I’ll have to miss the get-together at Sandy’s this year. I’ve got another engagement that I can’t miss.”

When I mentioned that I was having a hard time coming up with a costume, Laura graciously offered her awesomely cool Spock costume. I had seen her wear it before, tried it on, and it fit really well. Before I knew it Mike was getting into the spirit too, and he decided to go as Captain Kirk.

The day of the party arrived. My short, dark hair worked out very nicely, and I drew pointed eyebrows on to complete the look. The Vulcan salute challenged me a bit, but I tried and tried until it looked presentable, at least. Mike didn’t have to do too much for his Captain Kirk look — a mock turtleneck and kaki pants completed his ensemble — and out the door we went.

We laughed and ate with a cowgirl, a lovely good witch, as well as a Viking. Some came adorned with pumpkin sweats and jewelry, but all came ready to enjoy an evening with their friends. Toward the end of the party, we always take time to read something or just talk about what has been on our minds.

Some of the readings were funny, some were touching, but one in particular gave me a new perspective on the party my friend has hosted for several years. You see, to her it meant something special, and I never realized it before. Her eyes got a little misty as she spoke of how she grew up in New Orleans trick or treating in her neighborhood.

“It was like a big block party, and we had such fun dressing up. Later, my husband and I continued the tradition. Family and friends always came by the droves. We decorated the house, prepared a lot of food, had treat bags for the kids, and the house was full of laughter and fun.”

When Sandy’s husband, Harold, passed away, the parties stopped. She always thought back to the good old days, but a few years ago Sandy decided to host our writers’ group in October. What was once a rather sad time for her is now, once again, a day of laughter and fun.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.