Final pair of ‘Mystery Duo’ clues released

Published 4:00 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

Washington Parish Fair Ward VII Board Chairman and Mystery Person Chairman, Pam Ard, is disclosing the clues for the 2018 “Mystery Duo.” Their identity will be revealed on Saturday.

There is no cost to cast a guess for the 2018 Mystery Duo. The guessing table is located in front of the Education Building. There is a box with guessing slips located on the table along with box to place your prediction. Drawing for the cash prize will be Saturday night of the 2018 Washington Parish Fair. So, make sure you cast your guess before the box is picked up on Saturday evening prior to the unveiling of the 2018 Mystery Duo.

The slips are nothing fancy — just small pieces of white paper. So, write your duo guesses on one side and turnover and write your name, address and phone number on the other side.

Today’s published clues are for Friday, Oct. 19, and Saturday, Oct. 20. To see Wednesday and Thursday’s clues, look in the Wednesday, Oct. 17, edition of The Daily News.


Friday’s clues

Academics spelled out much of day two’s clues,

Let’s hope that today’s

Will help you choose.


It took one twice to gain the treasure,

The other never vied for it,

Instead she gained the prize far beyond measure.


Jumping for joy for the calling of the ten,

Needless to say,

We knew one would win.


Dreams really do come true,

When the little girl’s dream,

Comes into view.


Ribbons and roses and dashing for the sash,

Holding the yellow snake,

But the warrior ran in a speeding dash.


Like it or not, they both had some skills,

They may not have been very proud of,

Like winning a seed spitting contest right over the hill.


They kissed frogs,

Ran from huge mosquitoes,

And decorated boots for a bog.


Country girls they’re proud to be,

The best to ambassador,

As you can see.


It may be apparent,

For you now,

Cast your guess, for a chance to inherit


Saturday’s clues

If you’re not clear,

About this duo,

Some more clues you will hear.


One is sealed with black gold,

The other with a stamp,

From their spouses this they behold.


Eight should there be,

But only 6 you will see,

On earth, each has three.

One with three of the same,

The other with two,

And a precious little dame.


A scrap of trivia about four of the same,

The letter A,

Launches all their names.


In this world of trials and tribulations,

This pair of mothers,

Gives nurturing an affirmative revelation.


Inside and out their beauty radiates,

Positive and gentle,

They do their best to emulate.


If you cast a guess and it is correct,

Wait around,

And see if you’re to collect.