First pair of ‘Mystery Duo’ clues released

Published 4:27 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Washington Parish Fair Ward VII Board Chairman and Mystery Person Chairman, Pam Ard, is disclosing the clues for the 2018 “Mystery Duo.” Yes, you read it correctly, a duo. Their identity will be revealed on Saturday.

There is no cost to cast a guess for the 2018 Mystery Duo. The guessing table is located in front of the Education Building. There is a box with guessing slips located on the table along with box to place your prediction. Drawing for the cash prize will be Saturday night of the 2018 Washington Parish Fair. So, make sure you cast your guess before the box is picked up on Saturday evening prior to the unveiling of the 2018 Mystery Duo.

The slips are nothing fancy — just small pieces of white paper. So, write your duo guesses on one side and turnover and write your name, address and phone number on the other side.

Each day’s clues will be placed close to the guessing box, with the first set to be posted on Wednesday.

“Good luck at your guesses and I wish everyone that will be attending the 2018 Washington Parish Fair a safe and happy time,” Ard said.


Wednesday’s clues


Lots of fun this year will be,

I wonder who,

We will see?


This duo of royalty ventures the stage palanquin style,

Part of a secret society,

Is part of their profile.


Symbols of elegance behind the veils,

To reveal their radiance, Oh, how often were they told,

Just exhale!!!


Their names rooted deep within the Bible,

Suggest their names,

May even be with title.


The eldest of the duo was first mentioned in Acts,

The other’s name was changed and age was recorded,

But one of them was a uniting leader that held fierce attacks.


Both stood on platforms that were perfectly clear,

Suggest they were adorned and performed,

Far and near.


Both born in the Lumber town,

Known as 80’s babies,

Grew up to be known for their gowns.


They both realized money didn’t grow on trees,

A DC boutique they discovered,

Gave their parents a little bit of ease.


Now interesting as you can see,

This duo has a history,

Cast your guess, to who they may be.


Thursday’s clues


Yesterday the clues were of gender,

This day,

Let’s see what will render.


Early school years were with two systems,

Showed sheep and bunnies,

But gained lots of wisdom.


Elementary times will not be forgot,

But it was their flaming teen years,

With Thomas and Young they established their spot.


Among a host of elite with French piglets,

Sequins and knee boots undulating in a field of mud,

And Clay scrutinizing the exhibit.


A delightful event for the parents,

Their days of commencement,

This meant only one more thereafter.


The River and then The Rock chosen by one,

Gigging her way on this stage,

Stringing her Pearls, under the sun.


The growl of the Bengal called the other,

Scheduling events for their elite,

We imagine as maybe a favorite player’s number.


Two bachelors and a minor together they accomplished,

Communications, Marketing and Fashion Merchandise,

My goodness, no wonder they’re so polished.


If you know anything about the two,

Cast your guess,

Tell me who.