Wait to be well

Published 4:08 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

On this rather warmish fall day we took a ride to Covington to the English Tea Room. My cousin Frances from Dunham Springs met us, and we enjoyed lunch and each other’s company. Something about sipping tea from a dainty cup and sharing friendly conversation seems to soothe the soul, and I suppose mine needed a little soothing today.

The tea room was unfortunately a sidebar to the reason for our little trip. Several years ago I was scheduled to have a hip replaced, but life got in the way and my surgery was postponed. Instead of rescheduling I put off the inevitable for quite a while.

A short time ago I heard about a doctor who has patients fly in from all over the country to undergo stem cell therapy thus avoiding surgery. I figured it was worth a try. But unfortunately I found out today that my condition is too severe, and I am not a candidate.

Although the news was a disappointment I feel peace in my heart and a thankfulness that the doctor was honest with me. So now I’m back on schedule for the joint replacement that was postponed.

I’m sure things will go well, and I’ll wonder why in the world I waited so long. One thing I’m looking forward to doing again once all is said and done is hitting the road on our motorcycle. Although motorcycles can be dangerous, Mike and I absolutely love to ride.

It will also be wonderful to participate in the normal routines of life without considering painful consequences of accidentally doing too much. I actually will have one hip replaced and when that one heals go back to have the other one done also.

Thank God for modern medicine. Years ago a person with severe arthritis did not have the options that are available today. The Bible tells us to think of the good things in life so that’s what I’ll do. While I’m in waiting mode I’ll think of butterflies and rainbows and all the people I love.

When I have recovered and am able to do all the things that have become increasingly difficult for me I’m sure that the sunshine will be brighter, and the skies will be bluer. Waiting can be hard, but I’ll be thinking of what a happy day it will be when I can once again put on my leathers, hop on the back of our Roadstar and feel the wind from the open road!

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.