Debate was well done

Published 4:00 am Saturday, September 8, 2018

I find it fitting that Sept. 11 is Tuesday, and it is probably one of the most patriotic days of the calendar, behind the Fourth of July and military holidays. I find it fitting, because Thursday’s Bogalusa mayoral debate at Bogalusa High School was a great example of how lucky we are to be Americans.

In this country, we have the unique opportunity to provide our voice as we decide those who will represent and lead us. Thursday night’s debate was exemplary not only because all five candidates showed up, but also because of the impressive attendance by the public. Everyone who took part in the night’s event should be proud of their civic actions.

I have covered debates in the past where barely any candidates showed up, or there were maybe a dozen people in the audience. Thursday night’s debate was definitely the largest turnout I have ever seen for an event like this.

I was equally impressed that even with that large crowd, nearly everyone was behaved and attentive. There were occasional interruptions or shouts from individual audience members during the 1.5-hour event, but those outbursts were ignored and quickly went by the wayside.

Equally noteworthy was the behavior and decorum of the five candidates for mayor. While they debated the issues and their responses to those issues, and how their methods differed from their opponents, the discussions never rose to the level of name-calling or confrontational politics. I would argue that some of our state and national electoral races could take a lesson from Bogalusa!

I congratulate moderator Ardie Cesario, timekeeper Tiye Yayu and the members of Citizens for Education and Community Improvement, who sponsored the event. It was run professionally and fairly.

Remember, there will be another debate at the BHS auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 20, at 6 p.m. for school board and council member races.

I hope, and expect, that the turnout for that event will be just as impressive.

Justin Schuver is the publisher and editor of The Daily News. You can email him at