Fundraiser event puts ‘police vs. preachers’

Published 4:21 am Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On Saturday, the Bogalusa Police Department held a “Policemen vs. Preachers” basketball tournament at the Bogalusa High School Gymnasium.

Approximately one year ago, Police Chief Kendall Bullen and Rev. R.L. Palmer of the St. Paul A.M.E. Church got into a conversation about having a basketball game involving the BPD officers. Palmer suggested a game with local preachers playing against the BPD.

During the first meeting, it was discussed that the event would be a fund-raiser with a small admission fee — half of the proceeds going to Bogalusa High School and the other half going to the National Night Out Against Crime, sponsored by the BPD and which will take place on Oct. 2.

“After reaching out and inviting all the pastors in the Bogalusa area, there was an overwhelming response, with approximately 28 preachers that had an interest in playing,” BPD Maj. Percy Knight said. “What was supposed to be one basketball game turned out to be a tournament of four teams of preachers and two teams of BPD officers.”

On July 19, a meeting was held with the preachers at the Bogalusa City Hall, where their names were drawn to make up the four teams. The teams picked their colors, which consisted of black, red, green, yellow and “BPD in Blue.”

On the day of the tournament, there was a great turnout of spectators. The teams played single-elimination games, with the final championship game being between two teams of preachers.

The tournament champions consisted of the preacher team of Marcus Rosa of Westside Emmanuel Baptist Church, Fredrick Seal of ROCTS Ministries, Caleb Martin of Ben’s Ford Baptist Church, Drew Galloway of First United Pentecostal Church, Mark Morelock of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and Brandon Willis of United Faith Pentecostal Church.

Bullen said that this was a successful day and would like to thank all that helped and sponsored the event. He also thanked Mt. Hermon Web TV, for providing video coverage of the ballgames.