Just go with the flow

Published 4:10 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

For over two years my hubby has traveled from one end of this country to the other in an 18-wheeler. I traveled along with him for a little over two weeks last year and came to realize the sacrifices truck drivers make to help keep our economy rolling.

My trucking travels were an eye opening experience in more ways than one. Showering in a truck stop was absolutely a first for me, but actually wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. My favorite part of traveling with my hubby was simply spending time together, but the almost panoramic view from my perch came in a close second.

In December last year we topped a mountain pass in New Mexico where I beheld a sight so breathtaking it burns in my memory. A blanket of snow covered the ground and hung on the evergreens. On the horizon the sun glistened on the snow covered peaks against the backdrop of a startlingly blue, clear sky.

I had my camera ready because I was anticipating something wonderful. This strikes me as the way life is; we find beauty if we keep our eyes and hearts open to possibilities. God has created such a magnificent world for us if we continually focus on the right things.

After a lot of soul searching, Mike and I came to the realization that the extra money he made wasn’t worth all the time we spent apart. He decided to take his Social Security retirement and supplement our income by driving a school bus.

We will definitely enjoy living together again, but with every change in circumstance comes an adjustment period. After all, I’ve become unaccustomed to thinking of someone else’s preferences. I have been in charge of the remote for quite a long time!

Mike likes crime shows, and I enjoy musical ones. He enjoys sleeping in, and the early morning is my favorite time of day. I enjoy a nice home cooked meal with someone else doing the cooking, and so does Mike. Now this cooking thing may prove to be our most challenging detail to iron out.

We have both been doing our own thing for quite a while, but change is good. Thinking of the needs and wants of others helps us to combat selfishness from sneaking in. I love that Mike has decided to work part-time and spend more time at home. I think I’ll share the remote without wincing, but maybe I can sneak it onto the cooking channel once in a while. If I’m lucky he may be inspired to become a master chef!

In reality, I think that may be a little too far out of his wheelhouse, but I’ll be satisfied if he can manage a backyard barbecue from time to time. I plan on cooking a little more, letting him sleep in on his days off, and even watching a crime show or two with this man of mine. It’s good to have him home.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.