Still battling in the ‘Civil War’?

Published 4:31 am Saturday, July 14, 2018

I recently watched the Civil War documentary that aired on the Fox Network. Though I consider myself somewhat well-versed on the Civil War, reliving it in more detail, coupled with my life experiences, has been an eerily-scary thing to view. Having lived through a good portion of the racial turmoil over the last 100 years following that Great War, I am concerned that we may have actually started to retrogress.

That same sentiment was shared recently by Ret. Cmdr. John Wells, U.S. Navy, at a recent Memorial Day Celebration here in Bogalusa at Poole’s Bluff.

Just as a reminder, the Civil War was the Democrat Southern states rebelling against the Republican Northern states over the major factor of preserving “slavery” in those Southern states. War is not pretty, no matter which side you are on, and there are no winners in terms of the untold thousands who died. Under President Lincoln and the Republican Party, the Union prevailed, and the slaves were freed. But, unfortunately, and after the tremendous bloodshed, the Democrat Party never gave-up on the war against the slaves, especially after the slaves were granted full citizenship.

How many years of lost lives, bloodshed, and maimed bodies at the hand of Democratic-backed Klu Klux Klan, and other both civic and rogue groups, did those black citizens have to suffer just to exercise the rights so deserved? We here in Bogalusa should know this lesson very well. The Democrats fought to maintain “separate but equal” schools, and you can argue that to this day they do not fully support the integrated schools.

After almost 100 years after the Civil War, the new citizens were still not allowed to vote in many parts of the South. The Democratic Party has fought black Americans every “bloody” step of the way since the Civil War.

Okay, I think you get my point. So, fast forward to the present, and through some ill twist of fate that space here will not allow addressing, black Americans have been delivered almost 100 percent to the Democratic Party.

That is the same Democratic Party that now promotes the “opening of our borders” to allow anyone to “Illegally” flood into this country and enjoy the same rights as citizens. Black Americans, who have suffered every indignity imaginable to exercise their rights as citizens, are mostly in “lock-step” with the Democrats in this effort. This makes absolutely no sense!

This “brain-washing” within the black community is, in itself, a form of the slavery that we have fought so hard to overcome. And, guess who will be on the “short-end” of the stick when this flood of “illegal” invaders make their way into the fabric of this country at the beckoning of the Democratic Party?

I am a black American, and I don’t consider myself an immigrant. We were here almost from “jump street!” — only excepting the real Native Americans. We, too, were granted citizenship in the founding document of this country — the Constitution of the United States of America. I am personally offended by those, who think “charging” our borders and invading this country “illegally,” that they can expect to enjoy those rights granted to me, and so hard earned by my ancestors. The Constitution provides for others to come to this country “legally.” And, after all the lost lives, bloodshed, and personal indignities, the Democratic Party seems to want to continue the Civil War.

They are now acting in absolute disregard for law and order, as proscribed in the Constitution, in order to create a new “sub-servant” ethnic group in America. Ironically, could it be that Democrats realize that black Americans hold the fate of the Democratic Party in their hands? I can only hope that black Americans will waken before it is too late!

Roosevelt Ludd