Sheriff: Man bought phone with counterfeit money

Published 11:17 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Bogalusa man was arrested Tuesday, after reportedly paying for a cell phone with counterfeit money, according to Chief Deputy Mike Haley of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Haley said that a parish resident used a Facebook site to advertise a cell phone that was offered for sale. Byron Louis Jackson, 25, a resident of the 900 block of Avenue F in Bogalusa, messaged back that he would like to purchase the phone.

Jackson wanted to meet in a residential area, but the seller wisely insisted on meeting in a public location, Haley said. When Jackson and the seller met, Jackson gave the seller a folded up $100 bill in exchange for the phone. Jackson then quickly got in his vehicle and drove off as the seller was trying to get him to stop.

Suspecting the $100 bill was counterfeit, the seller contacted the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office. Haley said that detectives confirmed the $100 bill was counterfeit and received assistance from the Bogalusa Police Department to locate Jackson.

Jackson was arrested and placed in the Washington Parish Jail on Tuesday, charged with theft and abuse of a monetary instrument. He was released the following day after posting a $5,000 bond.

Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal cautions anyone selling or purchasing any item using social media.

“Never agree to meet someone you do not know in a private location. You may not know their actual intent and it could be a ruse to commit a crime,” he said. “Always insist on a public location where others will be present. As the old saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Good job, detectives, in locating and arresting Jackson.”