Museums may return to park by BBHF

Published 4:34 am Saturday, May 5, 2018

Deborah Brumfield, president and director of The Museums of Cassidy Park, said the group’s goal is to have the museums reopened at Cassidy Park, ahead of the Bogalusa Blues Fest scheduled for the last weekend of September.

“But I just can’t tell you when it’s going to open,” she said.

She added that the museums have asked Servpro for an estimate to clean the silt out of the Pioneer Museum, which will be the first to open. Brumfield said, “There is a lot of silt everywhere.”

She said the plan was to open the Pioneer with items from Bogalusa’s history.

“Now we’ll probably have some pictures of the (March, 2016 flood that devastated the museums and caused them to move temporarily to a location on Avenue F),” Brumfield said. “And then our Pioneer Museum curators, Carol Duke and Dera Talley, will add other things.”

“We really haven’t made any new progress with displays yet. We’re going to have to push. We are working on membership and have decided to do the BBQ/Cookoff next March with the help of the Dogwood Ladies. I want to be open for the Blues Fest in September, but we will see.”