Life is a party!

Published 4:03 am Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I finally found a lipstick that stays on and doesn’t creep into those telltale lines announcing, “not so young anymore.” The little things make me happy. Somehow, embracing my “seniorness” has been a little more challenging than say embracing senior year of high school or college.

Those years signaled the beginning of so many new adventures, and well … senior citizen didn’t exactly scream party to me.

It even sounded sort of creepy. With all the commercials for Depends, denture cream and such I certainly didn’t want to be counted as a senior citizen! So when they had events at church for seniors I just said no. That way I could leave some room for the really old people; it seemed the least I could do to support the program. Ten years passed while I graciously gave up my seat at said events without giving it much thought.

Last week, I heard that one of my dear friends was speaking at my church’s monthly senior event. I decided to attend just one time in support of my friend. Excitement didn’t build at the thought of going. It was a right of passage, I supposed, but didn’t exactly give me the giggles. One last glance in the mirror at my cute outfit and new lipstick, and I was out the door.

The blowing wind and rain almost turned my umbrella inside out, but I managed to bring my things inside. I had picked up a fruit tray and African violet at the grocery on my way. Grace had mentioned her topic for the evening was to be “God in the Garden” and a plant swap would follow the potluck supper.

When I entered the room where the event was to take place I noticed what a lovely job the coordinator had done. Everything was picture perfect. Obviously, Morri had spent hours in planning and preparation. Her attention to detail made the place practically sparkle!

As I looked around I noticed a wide variety of people. Most of their faces lit up with smiles that said welcome. Some were wrapped up in their own little world, and didn’t notice the newcomer, as at any gathering. I deposited my plant on the appropriate table and wondered which one I would be taking home.

When I found a spot for my fruit tray I almost ogled at the virtual smorgasbord of yumminess. My addition seemed dull and unexciting compared to the array of homemade dishes covering the long tables. This senior thing so far wasn’t looking too shabby, but it might not help me on my diet!

The food was scrumptious and the conversation lively and interesting. Grace’s talk encouraged, challenged and entertained. I silently vowed to create something delicious for the next event.

Next event? What was I thinking? This was after all a one-time thing for me I quickly reminded myself. With a chuckle I realized that after all these years I was finally ready to join the party.

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