Fight your stresses

Published 4:42 am Saturday, April 28, 2018

Are you aware of your vibration? It is said that fully actualized beings vibrate at a higher frequency than the rest of us. But we all can ask for help, and we can all get guidance from the conscious ones. Are you ready for it?

You would no longer say, “I’m worried,” or “I’m so stressed out!” because you won’t be. You could no longer blame anything on the way life has unfolded until that point. But you wouldn’t want to, because you would be so very serene and at peace. Imagine the depth of your spirit. Now go there, breathe it in, and soak it up through your pores. Now let it linger.

You can increase your vibration, too, in the moment, and until the end of time. Time is a conundrum. On one hand it lets you know exactly how long you’ve been in your current life. But it is one of the greatest stressors known to man. Have you ever worked on a deadline or for someone who is impatient?

In the moment, you can go hear an insightful speaker or attend a yoga class. I do believe it does good to get body and soul together sometimes. You could even commune with nature. Ah, isn’t the sound of crickets, tree frogs, cicadas, and the ocean lapping against the shore mesmerizing? Isn’t the smell of gardenias, or the spray of that ocean on your face divine?

In addition to only working on yourself, you could intentionally work to heighten the vibrations of your friends, family, and even your “enemies.”

You can do that by simply teaching them what you have learned to be true in this life. And don’t diminish your impact by going too small. You can make people feel better. You can bring calmness into their lives. You can bring the peace and happiness.

Do you know how powerful you really are? Do you know that what you think is what you get? Do you that you are creating the twists and turns of this life as you live it?

So take a deep breath, and go out and make somebody serene. If you just believe, and go near them, they will rise to your vibration. Aaaahhh…

Marcelle Hanemann is a news reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.