‘Imagine’ is a great song to hear live

Published 4:21 am Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Melinda and I dressed carefully for our evening out. As we polished our nails and primped in front of the shared mirror I realized a profound change had occurred in our lives. I couldn’t help but think of the often-volatile relationship of my teenage woman-child and me. We had both been determined. I was determined that she would listen to and respect her mother, and she was just as determined to do her own thing her own way.

Sometimes the road is rough and long as a daughter travels the highway from childhood to adulthood. Our pathway had seemed particularly so. We were both glad to leave that bumpy road behind and clasp hands as we walked into our future. This evening filled me with such joy. We had come a long way from those old times of struggle and dissension.

Now we relished the friendship that had deepened with time and shared experience. When Melinda’s precious son’s soft skin touched her own a fierce protective love was born within her. This maternal miracle brought with it a profound appreciation and understanding of her own mother.

The coliseum was packed, and Melinda and I could hardly wait for the concert to begin. The air fairly crackled with excitement as our favorite band, Mercy Me, took the stage. The crowd came to life as the music worked its magic energizing people who only moments ago had been drained from the day’s activities. Song lyrics etched from others experiences moved us corporately and individually by the honesty of shared human emotion.

We sang along and wiped a tear as we were swept away with a tidal wave of beauty. I looked at my lovely daughter, and she took my hand. She squeezed it hard with shining eyes speaking volumes.

Just when I thought the evening had reached its pinnacle, the lights dimmed and the music came to a stop. A reverent hush fell over the crowd in anticipation of what was to come. The lead singer, Bart Millard, stood as if in awe of the moment, and we waited.

After a pregnant pause, Bart’s whispered voice trembled to life. My heart intuitively knew this song and this moment would be etched in my memory bank forever. And so it was.

“I Can Only Imagine” depicts meeting Jesus face to face for the first time. As the lead singer’s voice roared to life filling the room my heart soared with it. I raised my hands and danced with abandon because I could imagine too.