Bogalusa man takes BPD on wild chase

Published 3:22 pm Monday, April 2, 2018

On Saturday, March 31, at 8:30 a.m., the Bogalusa Police Department received a call in reference to a stolen vehicle in the 400 block of Orleans Street, according to Maj. Percy Knight, public information officer for the BPD.

“Also, the vehicle in question had been involved in a hit-and-run of another vehicle,” Knight said.

“While officers were searching for the stolen vehicle in the area of Orleans Street, a BPD officer observed the vehicle, so he turned on the blue lights and siren to attempt to initiate a traffic stop.  The driver of the vehicle refused to stop, and a pursuit began.”

Knight said that the driver refused to stop at several stop signs and ran a red traffic light. The driver also forced several vehicles off of the roadway because he was driving in the oncoming lane to avoid being stopped by officers,” Knight said.

“The driver was traveling north on Rio Grande Street when he struck a large ditch,” he said.

The driver was then apprehended by BPD officers. The driver, identified as Latimore Thompson, 31, of Bogalusa, was transported by ambulance to Our Lady of Angels Hospital in Bogalusa to be treated for his injuries he received in the crash.

“At the hospital, Thompson had to be taken to for a cat scan and an X-ray,” Knight said. “The BPD officer that was with Thompson had to un-cuff one of his hands from the handcuffs so the x-ray procedures could be done. Thompson came off of the X-ray table and started charging toward the officer, using the loose handcuff as a weapon. Thompson attempted to strike the officer with his fist, and then grabbed the officer’s service weapon (pistol) in an attempt to remove it from the holster.”

Knight said that the officer managed to deployed his taser, which had little effect on Thompson. With the help of hospital staff, the BPD officer was able to regain control of Thompson and handcuff him.

“All medical procedures were completed on Thompson, and he was released from the hospital and transported to the Bogalusa City Jail,” Knight said.

Thompson was booked on the charges of hit and run, reckless operation of a vehicle, aggravated flight from an officer, driving while license is suspended, resisting a police officer with force or violence, battery on a police officer and battery to emergency room personnel or health care professional.

“The BPD officer had to be treated at the ER for injuries that resulted from the altercation with Thompson,” Knight added.