BPD officer of the year announced

Published 4:59 am Friday, March 9, 2018

Pfc. Nicholas Glenn was named the “Officer of the Year” by the Bogalusa Police Department and Bogalusa Rotary Club, during the club’s meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Each year, the club hands out awards to citizens in various categories, including teachers, deputy sheriffs, and firefighters. Both the BPD and Rotary Club presented Glenn with plaques during Tuesday’s announcement.

“Chief (Kendall) Bullen wants to express his gratitude for what the Rotary Club does for us,” said Lt. Troy Tervalon, who presented Glenn with the BPD’s award on behalf of Bullen. Bullen had to be out of town at a conference.

Glenn joined the BPD in 2012. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

“In a small department, that’s kind of a rarity for someone to have that kind of degree and still come work with us,” Tervalon said. “He has become an outstanding officer in all aspects of his job. He’s a very proactive and proficient police officer in all his duties. He completes them all with little to no error. As a supervisor, when you have an officer who is able to do his job with little correction, that is a blessing.”

Tervalon said that Glenn serves as a great example to his fellow officers.

“He’s also willing to go the extra mile. He’s a field-trained officer. When he trains the other officers, when they leave him, they’re a lot better than where he started,” Tervalon said.

Tervalon noted that Glenn was nominated by a group of supervisors who “all felt the same way about him.”

“He’s also that officer that, when he arrives at the scene of a burglary at the little old lady’s house and she’s scared to death, he wants to stay 10 to 15 minutes longer with her — to make sure she feels safe,” he said. “That’s something that has been lost in society, and that is very honorable.”

Glenn said he was humbled to receive the recognition from both his co-workers and the Rotary Club.

“I’d like to start off by thanking the Rotary Club for having us here and continuing this annual ceremony,” he said. “Next, I’d like to thank Chief Bullen for everything that he has done for our department, and for the things that he intends to do. Not only will those things benefit the officers, but they too will benefit the citizens of Bogalusa. I look forward to the future of this department.”

Glenn also thanked his wife and other family members, along with Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette, who were in attendance during Tuesday’s ceremony.

“Last but not least, I would like to thank my shift,” Glenn said. “I accept this award on behalf of you all. Each one of you deserves this award, and I consider it ours. We are like family, and we work awesome together. Thank you for coming and may God continue to watch over and bless us all.”