‘Robert Hicks Day’ scheduled for Saturday

Published 4:37 am Saturday, February 17, 2018

Barbara Hicks Collins, the founder and executive director of the Robert “Bob” Hicks Foundation, wants to invite everybody to a program to celebrate her father and others from this community who fought for civil rights. The program will be held at Bethlehem Baptist Church on Robert Hicks’ birthday, Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 4:30 p.m.

The event will include a celebratory tolling of the church bells in recognition of Robert “Bob” Hicks Day, not just in Bogalusa where Hicks lived, but all throughout Washington Parish.

“The Bethlehem Baptist Church bell will toll as part of the recognition of this day,” Collins said. “This celebratory tolling of church bells on Robert “Bob” Hicks Day will also be part of a larger recognition of February as National African American History Month.

“As church bells toll on Feb. 20, it will be another way to remind our citizens, especially the youth and families of our city and parish, of the sacrifices and contributions made by Mr. Hicks, his contemporaries and generations of African-Americans in our city and parish.

“The public, including students, and representatives from churches and communities, are invited to attend the bell tolling ceremony to help unite the community in peace, love and progress.”

Bethlehem Baptist Church is located at 837 E. 7th St. in Bogalusa.

Contact the Hicks Foundation at 504-237-4656 or visit it online at roberthicksfoundation.squarespace.com.