It should be ‘us for us’

Published 4:23 am Friday, February 9, 2018

I was very happy to see all of the calls for unity during the Super Bowl broadcast. (As a daughter of a lifelong football coach, I felt compelled to see it, and watching the big game is a tradition in our house.) Maybe at least some people are beginning to realize the fact that we are one. Many of the great religions have been preaching that since they originated, and I, as you must know by now, believe it is true.

As more and more people realize this truth, it will change life as we know it. Imagine what the world will look like then, when it is not “us against them” any more, if it was “us for us.” Help make that manifest. You can do that by regularly envisioning life as you want it to be, and giving that image your creative energy. I believe we all have much more power to create our lives than most of us ever realize, and I want to teach that to all young ones, starting with my own. We all have to get to where we can use it with careful consciousness, though.

Of course, if we would all envision and work to create the same reality, it would be easier to make it manifest, with all the force of humanity behind it. And, of course, we must steer away from any negativity seekers among us.

We wouldn’t want to mess up the chance to make a positive change because we do not agree what ideal looks like, and that could be our next challenge. As humans, we tend to have a diversity of opinions of what is “good” and what is “bad.” But we can’t let that water down our vision of what we want to manifest. We must not allow dilution.

We must be strongly positive. We need to persevere with our dream that everybody is treated fairly and with equality. We must remember that we are one, as parts of the creative energy.

What is your image of the world you would like to see? What would you like to help make manifest? We must thoughtfully and consciously decide, and then do it! I’m in, and I hope you’ll join me.

Marcelle Hanemann is a news reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.