BPD commended for help with community meeting

Published 4:26 am Friday, February 9, 2018

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, several people commended the Bogalusa Police Department and concerned citizens for the success of a recent community meeting at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Both Fate Ferrell, a Bogalusa Police Department partner in the event, and Bogalusa Councilwoman Tamira Smith, who was in attendance, congratulated the BPD for calling the meeting. It was called to provide safety tips for residents after a recent string of vehicle and residence burglaries in the area.

Both said something might have actually been accomplished by the BPD. Statistics are in for the month of January, and Chief Kendall Bullen read them out during the city council meeting on Tuesday.

He said the BPD got 1,303 complaints and made 239 arrests during the first month of the year. Seventy-three of the arrests were for misdemeanors, 10 were for felonies, and 156 involved traffic offenses.

The BPD also worked 42 accidents, provided nine escorts, and took part in three DWI stops.