Mile Branch Settlement reacts to recent trespassing problems

Published 4:11 am Wednesday, February 7, 2018

At its recent meeting, the Mile Branch Settlement Committee discussed the consistent problem of people deliberately trespassing into the settlement. The committee wishes to inform the public of this problem, and how it will be handled from this date forward.

It seems that some individuals think of the Settlement as public property. The Settlement grounds and structures are all private property of the Washington Parish Fair Association. There are no trespassing signs posted and the entrance gates are closed and locked during the closed season.

Prior approval must be granted for any activity to take place inside the grounds. This includes entering to take photos. Professional photographers not only are required to make an appointment, but are required to pay a $200 fee.

The Mile Branch Settlement Committee takes its responsibility of caring for and preserving this treasure for future generations very seriously. Despite the signage and security system installed to protect this property, individuals have trespassed onto the grounds to take pictures and to damage these valuable cabins and structures.

The public should take this notice as a warning that all people trespassing in the future will be prosecuted within the law.