Time for another escapade

Published 4:23 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The whirlwind of activity after frozen pipes burst in our attic intensified for a few days. Now a puff of wind would be welcome. The stillness means one thing-more time at the Holiday Inn. What looked like a three to four weeklong visit has been upgraded to a six to eight week unpack your bags and stay a while.

Seriously, the first few days were the worst. After a week now I’ve settled into my new routine. I always liked having someone make my bed so that has been a definite plus. I run to PJ’s for coffee in the morning because I like mine stronger than they serve it here.

Next, I leisurely enjoy a nice hot breakfast while catching the morning news. I love to people watch, and so far I have seen a man in a kilt, well-dressed people, dirty people, and a doctor in scrubs who I mistook for a janitor. He was in scrubs, but it looked like a uniform to me!

When looking for a place to wash my hands I noticed the fellow in question.

“Excuse me, do you know where I could wash my hands?”

“Yes ma’am. I believe there is a nice restroom through the double doors and to your right.”

This morning the desk clerk cheerily greeted this same person with a “Good morning, Dr. Clark” as he briskly stepped out the door into his Hummer. I was so glad that I hadn’t tried to strike up a conversation with a friendly, “So how do you like your job here at the Holiday Inn?”

I have been really surprised by how many people are staying here for extended periods of time. I guess I never really gave it much thought, but according to the desk clerk it is a pretty common occurrence. I suppose the doctor may be trying the area out before he relocates his family, or maybe he is in the process of purchasing a home. Who knows? Another family is here with a flooding problem at their home, and yet another for electrical repair.

The staff has been really pleasant, and they definitely aim to please. I’m trying to learn names, but so far sweetie has worked out pretty well. All the workers have helped make what could be a totally uncomfortable situation almost enjoyable.

It does seem odd to be thrown into a group of strangers for a time. I’ll be greeting them every day and maybe sharing a laugh or two. I predict that some of these strangers will become friends by the time my house is repaired. Who knows? I may even stop by to see how things are going at my once home away from home when I leave.

A few months ago I was an innkeeper in Tennessee, and today I’m spending a couple of months at the Holiday Inn in a totally different capacity. At first I was stressed about things, but I think it will be just another adventure.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.