Officials share hopes for 2018

Published 4:52 am Saturday, January 6, 2018

Washington Parish Sherriff Randy “Country” Seal, Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette, and Bogalusa City Council member Teddy Drummond all recently shared some of their plans for the new year with the Daily News.

Seal said he has the following goals for 2018:

“We’re going to continue on the path of financial integrity that we have established since assuming the Office of Sheriff,” he said. “And we’re going to continue aggressive enforcement of illegal drug laws.”

Seal’s plan is to continue patrols throughout our parish to respond to citizen calls for service and to enforce traffic laws, to continue to investigate all crimes committed against citizens of our parish and to continue to vigorously pursue all criminals who prey on the citizens of our parish.

“We’re going to continue development of our jail operation in compliance with applicable laws and guidelines,” he said. “And to continue fair enforcement of all tax laws.

“And we’ll continue to work with our law enforcement partners — Bogalusa Police Department, Franklinton Police Department, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security and others — to provide comprehensive law enforcement services for our parish.”

Perrette shared a number of her goals for 2018.

“We have been unable to tear down dilapidated houses since December 2010,” she said. “We have been working with and following DEQ regulations and diligently tearing down houses. Since this started, we have torn down two houses in two months. Hope to get a minimal one house down a month. We are currently on our third house, at 829 Elm Drive.”

Perrette said a city-wide ditch cleaning and digging is scheduled to begin in February.

“And we’ll do street overlay,” she said. “Some will be done thru the DOTD Road Transfer Program, and the parish will do some work through our intergovernmental agreement.

“On the budget, we’re learning to live within our means and ended the year in black. This is the third year the city has been in black. We have been able to do so without cutting services to public.”

She said her administration is working diligently on City Employee Retirement that has been under funded, she wants to bring “Movie Night” back to Cassidy Park, and she wants to clean the Bogue Lusa Creek.

Drummond echoed one of his mayor’s goals, and encouraged others to help with it.

“I’d love to see the city step up the condemned house demolition program,” he said. “I’d like to see the citizens step up their pride in their homes and yards and surroundings, instead of the code officer requiring them to. I’d like to see more locals taking advantage of the jobs in the industrial park, since they help pay for the industrial park.

“Hopefully, the good Lord will spare us any natural disasters this year. And I wish a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous new year to all.”