Locals share their ‘resolutions’

Published 4:34 am Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Years Day is a time for making resolutions, and the citizens of Bogalusa are no exception. Most local folks mentioned exercise as something they wanted to resolve to do better at in the coming year.

Bogalusa Director of Public Works James Hall sounds like he’s already well ahead of most others.

“I am in a circuit training class have been for a one and a half years,” he said. “This is Rick and Brandi’s circuit training class at the YMCA. They have two classes a day, and my New Year’s resolution is to take both classes in one day at least two times a month.”

Mayor Wendy Perrette said, ”My resolution is to be a better listener, and to exercise more.”

Washington Economic Development Foundation Director Ryan Seal said he resolves to “lose weight, exercise, and be healthy, grow more spiritually, and — with my work — to try to do good for the parish.”

But local citizens were not involved only in physical betterment.
Paul Buras’ New Year’s resolution is to keep living for God. “That’s a blessing, “ he said.

Joel Miller resolves to try to do better working with his community and his city.

And Fate Ferrell resolves to help Bogalusa to get back to being beautiful.

Some resolutions are job-related, such as Superintendent of the Bogalusa City School System Lisa Tanner’s resolve to work together with the faculty and staff of Bogalusa City Schools.

“I also want to work with the parents, students, and community to provide the safest and absolute best in education in Bogalusa City Schools,” she said. “I resolve to put all of my energies into making this system the best it can be for all concerned, and of course to provide a culture and climate of love and caring for all.”

Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen said, “My New Years resolution is that members of the Bogalusa Police Department will work closer with members of the community to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Bogalusa.”

Even Daily News Publisher Justin Schuver had a resolution.

“My resolution is to try to re-connect with old friends more regularly,” he said. “I am getting together with some college buddies in Orlando in January, and I want to use that reunion as a starting point to re-kindle some friendships I’ve made in the other places where I’ve lived.”