Laughter can often cure my problems

Published 4:20 am Friday, December 29, 2017

I am oh so very happy to announce that I am still not worrying or imagining the worst-case scenario. I am still free of those things, and I believe it’s because I have said my affirmation at least a couple times every day. Did you overcome your own fears? I truly hope you did.

We can do this, you and I, together! Remember me when you start to think about the negatives in this life, and I will remember you when I feel myself starting to falter. As you know, we are all in this together. And we owe it to each other, and to future generations, to succeed.

I distinctly remember a song from Mary Poppins, a movie that my mother took me to in Detroit as a special occasion when I was young. In fact, I remember the entire soundtrack. But I want to ask you if you also love to laugh, like one of the joyful characters claims to in the movie.

The song goes, “I love to laugh, ha ha ha, loud and long and clear. I love to laugh, it’s getting worse every year.”

Do you take full advantage of your opportunities to laugh, loud and long and clear? Or do you shun them as if they are below your station in life? Well I’m here to tell you not to squander any opportunity to laugh. The sound of you laughing could be just what a stranger, or a friend, needs to hear at that moment. And can you hear a person laughing and not laugh yourself? I have to chuckle at the very least. I might even join them and laugh so hard that I start crying or even snort a few times.

I don’t consider it getting worse every year. I consider it getting better. I love to laugh, and to imagine what my laughter can do in the hearts of others. I must admit that I often have an ulterior motive for what I do. Do you do that too? Do you do things simply for their effect on others? I love to do that like I love to laugh. I love to do all I can to make people, in fact, any being, happy.

You will be happy if you join me in that endeavor, because it feels really good. It feels like I am somewhat in control and am bringing out the best in the world.

Marcelle Hanemann is a news reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.