You can escape fear and worry

Published 4:16 am Friday, December 22, 2017

I have finally done it! I’ve gotten around my worries and fear. This feels so good! Yay! I did it because I came across an affirmation that made me realize, to my bones and fully in my spirit, that I was sabotaging myself by not letting go of those things. I don’t even remember if I got the affirmation from somewhere, or if I made it up myself when I was younger and wiser, or if it was a hybrid. But now I have let my worries and fears go, and I hope never to pick either one of them up again.

My mother was a worrier, so I was trained to be a worrier as well. I saw and heard what she did, and I mimicked it. But I don’t blame my mom any more than I blame myself. I’m afraid the way of this worldly culture is worry and fear. But, I am no longer crippled by those things. I have escaped, and you can too.

Just say this affirmation two or three times every morning: I will continue to live my life happily, and with vibrant energy. I will do this is to not let my life be run by my worries or fears. I will keep my hopes and dreams alive and in my focus, and I will stop doing anything that may bury my deepest desires for the good of all beings. I will continue to live, and I will not be sabotaged by my worries, because I know that by worrying, and spending my energy on what I don’t want, I can draw those things to me and make them manifest.

I will not be sabotaged by my fears, because I know they, too, can be made manifest through my energy. I will only think of the positive things that I want to make manifest, and I will live my life happily and at peace.

That way, maybe we can convert this worldly culture into something more positive and more in tune with our true natures. I know that God or the universal energy wouldn’t want us to live in a misery of our own making. If we could get together to change that one thing, we could bless the world, and wouldn’t you like to do that? We could help people to be more joyous by focusing only on the positive and on making everybody happy. And we could help every creature in this world. Are you in?

Marcelle Hanemann is a news reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.