Local man arrested for impersonating cop

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Bogalusa man was arrested Monday for pretending to be a law enforcement officer, according to Chief Deputy Mike Haley of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Haley said that a Franklinton area resident called the sheriff’s office, reporting that an unknown male had come to the door of the residence and wanted to come inside. Although he was not dressed in a uniform and did not provide any law enforcement identification, he insisted that he was a law enforcement officer and needed to enter the residence.

Haley said that the officer impersonator was later identified as Demontrey Lavon Mingo, 22, of Avenue E in Bogalusa.

After being refused entry into the residence, Mingo then reportedly attempted to persuade the homeowner to step outside, Haley said. The homeowner again refused and stated that a call was being made to the sheriff’s office. At that point, Mingo reportedly fled on foot.

Haley said that two hours later, Mingo reportedly returned to the area and was confronted by a neighbor, who was aware of the ongoing issue. The neighbor called the sheriff’s office with a description of Mingo, who once again fled.

Responding deputies were able to locate Mingo on Highway 10 outside of Bogalusa, Haley said. He was arrested and transported to the Washington Parish Jail, where he was booked on a charge of impersonating a law enforcement officer. Mingo was released later that day, after posting a $3,550 bond.

“The alert homeowner and the neighbor did the right thing,” Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said. “It appears that Mingo had criminal intentions and was using the scam of being an officer to gain entry into the residence. This is a good lesson for all homeowners.

Never admit a stranger into your house and always keep a safe distance behind a closed and locked door. Call the sheriff’s office if the person seems suspicious and you have concerns. Our deputies wear clearly recognizable uniforms. Our detectives may be in plain clothes, but they have adequate picture identification. Always err on the side of caution.”