City to get new fire truck

Published 4:45 am Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Bogalusa Fire Department has been using a 1973 pumper for many long years, but now it’s getting a 2017 Ferrara Intruder pumper.

“This was one of my goals since I got in office,” said Mayor Wendy Perrette. “The old pumper was 44 years old. I wasn’t even born then.

“Those men need more equipment, and we’re working on that. It’s a way of getting the fire ratings down, too. It’s good for the fire department, and it’s in the best interest of this city.

“The total cost of the new pumper is $339,610.13, and the city deposited $33,000 to hold it for us to go to the bond commission and get the loan completed and everything. We had applied the deposit to the loan, so we are financing the difference of $306, 610.13.

“We had to be two years out of deficit to even apply.”

Perhaps the best news is that the new fire truck will be in Bogalusa on Wednesday.