Escapee captured

Published 9:38 am Sunday, November 26, 2017

Timothy John Williams, 30, a jail trusty who walked off from the Washington Parish Jail Friday night, was captured Saturday night in Bogalusa. After an intense daylong manhunt focused inside the city limits of Bogalusa, officers went to a house on Michigan Avenue at approximately 11 p.m. and discovered Williams there.


Williams resisted arrest; however, after a brief struggle, Williams was subdued and handcuffed inside the house. He was transported to the Washington Parish Jail. Officers participating in the arrest included Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives along with jail personnel.


Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “This was a very long day for our officers who searched diligently until Williams was captured. I am so grateful that the search and capture ended the way it should have; namely, Williams went back to jail and all of our officers went home to their families. I am so appreciative of the fine work of our officers and am so fortunate to have the privilege of working with them on a daily basis.”