NTCC scholarships awarded

Published 4:42 am Saturday, November 18, 2017

“It’s our best time of the year,” said Chancellor William Wainwright of Northshore Technical Community College on Friday. “We get to give away money. It’s really investing in our workforce, in our community.”

On Friday morning, NTCC presented six scholarships through the Sullivan Vocational Foundation, during a ceremony held at the institution’s Sullivan campus in Bogalusa.

Wainwright said the scholarships were made possible thanks to a local citizen, Lucy Lee Robbins, who had no children and left a generous donation for scholarships to the school when she passed away. The foundation was founded in 1999.

The recipients were Jessica Magee, Practical Nursing; Christopher M. Glory Sr., Welding Technology; Dallas Smith, Practical Nursing; Quashondra Morris, Practical Nursing; Paul Brandon, Diesel Powered Equipment Technology; and Yale Lappin, Welding Technology.

Their sponsors were, in the same order, Dr. Rodney Kalil, Dr. Rodney Kalil, Citizens Savings Bank, Zellco Credit Union, the Sullivan Vocational Foundation, and the Bogalusa Rotary Club.

Wainwright later thanked the parents of some recipients, who brought young children, for “showing them what success looks like.”

Kalil said he sponsors the scholarships in honor of his parents, neither of whom had many years in school.

The students were all appreciative and thankful.

“This has been such a blessing for me and my family,” Smith said.

“This is a surprise, a blessing and an honor,” Morris said. “Thank you.”

One of the presenters came full circle. Kebrina Young, who presented on behalf of Citizens Savings Bank, was a familiar sight.

“It’s an honor to be here,” said Young, a past student at NTCC. “I found out I wanted to become an accountant here.”