Final group of ‘Mystery Person’ clues revealed

Published 4:13 am Saturday, October 21, 2017

Washington Parish Fair Ward VII director and Mystery Person Chairperson Pam Miley is disclosing today’s clues for this year’s Mystery Person contest. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a $200 cash prize. The identity will be revealed tonight at the fair.

The cost to cast a guess for the 2017 Mystery Person doesn’t cost anything. The guessing table is located in front of the Education Building. There will be a box with the guessing slips located on the table along with the box to place your prediction. The drawing for the cash prize will be tonight of the 2017 Washington Parish Fair. Make sure you cast your guess before the box is picked up tonight, prior to the unveiling of the 2017 Mystery Person.

Each day’s clues will be placed close to the guessing box.


Tonight’s Clues

The Scarecrow this evening, we’ll unveil,

This 2017 Mystery Man,

Is not one from hell.

He served and protected in what he’s believed,

He’s United with hand in many ways,

And from this service, many achieved.

He houses, feeds, and clothes,

Bad choices and less fortunate,

And most never oppose.

Efforts in this pool of support,

Built his administration and organization

A great rapport.

His dream of being a state trooper,

May not have come to fruition,

But his career has been super.

From Deputy to Regional,

He served as a governor,

And was unbelievable.

President of L.A.W.S.,

Past President of Washington Parish Leadership Council,

He deserves our applause.

He served in his official title,

Behind 4 sets of bars,

Now this clue is vital.

In his Ford, you will hear,

Classic Vinyl and 70’s,

And a little country he will endear.

On this last day of clues,

It is now time,

For you to choose.