Judge clarifies code enforcement

Published 4:52 am Friday, October 13, 2017

Public disgruntlement with city code enforcement prompted an informational meeting of the city council and the city’s code enforcers Tuesday.

Bogalusa City Court Judge Robert Black suggested the meeting and volunteered to provide some clarification.

Black told those in attendance that the city can take actions against properties that are in bad conditions. Bogalusa, like most municipalities, goes by a civil code where the city can do the work to address the delinquent property, after properly notifying the owner first, and can then place a lien on the property or add the cost of improvements to the property owner’s tax bill.

Black added that Bogalusa also has “nuisance violations” — such as trash or other junk on the property. These violations can be prosecuted in criminal court.

To report a code violation, call 985-732-6280.