Cats offer countless benefits

Published 4:13 am Friday, August 25, 2017

By Sun Davisworth

Due to the serious concerns expressed to Mr. Scott Ard in District D in regard to the cat overpopulation, it is important that we begin to understand how to cope with the problem in supporting humane policies for cats. A series of columns will be presented to help foster a healthy educational relationship between the community and felines.

There are two good reasons to have cats in your area. First, cats keep the rodent population in check. They catch the mice and rats inside and outside your home. Secondly, felines can provide love and happiness to many owners, especially those with disabilities and special needs.

Alley Cat Allies, a professional organization, provides easy solutions to feline problematic behavior.

Problem: Cats are yowling, fighting, spraying, roaming, and having kittens.

Quick Solutions:

1. Spaying or neutering and vaccinating the cats will stop these behaviors. Male cats will no longer compete, fight, spray, or roam. Females will stop yowling and producing kittens. After sterilization, hormones leave their system within three weeks and the behaviors usually stop entirely.

2. To combat the urine smell, spray the area thoroughly with white vinegar or products that use natural enzymes to combat the smell, such at Nature’s Miracle, Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover, or Simple Solution, available at pet supply stores.

In my next column, we will learn more cat behaviors and solutions.

Sun Davisworth is a Bogalusa resident and a regular contributor of columns about cats and other furry friends.