School board sets tax vote date

Published 4:30 am Saturday, July 29, 2017

In a meeting Thursday, the Bogalusa City School Board approved a resolution ordering and calling for a special millage election on Nov. 18, and approved a new Code of Conduct for sixth grade through 12th grade.

The election would be for a renewal of existing millages for the Bogalusa City Schools — funding that includes Northshore Charter School as well.

The Code of Conduct establishes specific protocols and procedures for disciplinary action, and also permits individual schools to adopt additional regulations “governing actions not covered by the new code.”

The code includes sections on bullying and cyber-bullying, cell phones, bus conduct, the dress code, and more, and it assigns specific possible disciplinary actions for specific infractions.

The code also includes a section that says the Supervisor of Child Welfare will notify the Department of Public Safety and Corrections of any student between the ages of 14 and 18 who has been suspended or expelled for 10 or more consecutive school days, or has been assigned to an alternative educational setting for 10 or more consecutive days. Those notifications will be for infractions involving the sale or possession of drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substance, the possession of a firearm, or an infraction involving assault or battery on a member of the school faculty or staff. In addition, the Office of Motor Vehicles will suspend the students’ driver’s licenses for one year, even if it’s just a learner’s or intermediate license.

Superintendent Lisa Tanner said the schools would have general assemblies to disseminate the new code, and that the teachers would read it to their classes.

The code book includes forms for students and their parents or guardians to sign.

The board also celebrated the school system’s 2016-2017 retirees. They are: Toni Breaux who had 44 years as a teacher, principal, supervisor, then superintendent; Connie Little, who had 28 years as a bookkeeper; Sharon Varnado, who had 24 years as a bus driver; and Vic Boyles, who had 19 years in the maintenance department, including some as supervisor.