Willis Avenue mural nearly complete

Published 4:03 am Saturday, July 22, 2017

When artist Wes Parker started his work on the Willis Avenue mural at the beginning of March, he couldn’t know that Tropical Storm Cindy would rain him out of a few days of work, so he said he could get the project finished in four months. But the storm came, and now Parker is looking at the end of July.

“I lost nine days in June when the rain shut me down,” he said. “But lately I haven‘t been rained out a lot. I’ll hopefully have it done by the end of the month. I’m trying to wrap it up. That’s about two weeks over my original estimate.”

Parker also didn’t realize how hot the job would be.

“I’m sure I lost some weight,” he said. “I haven’t checked, but my clothes fit different now.”

Besides that, the mural and muralist have gotten a lot of attention. Passing drivers regularly sound their horns to compliment Parker. In fact, the rumor is that several people who were driving past barely escaped crashes because they were trying to see the smaller images he was adding.

And Parker said he’s seen people looking close up at his work. That’s why he suggested that the city keep up the barricades when he’s done with the project to let all the people that want to see everything in the mural to do so safely.

The city administration said it was willing to consider the idea, so stay alert.

Now, Parker wants to add some opossums — due to popular demand — and also add leaves to his oak tree and do some touch up work.

After that, he’ll likely spend some time in the shade.