‘911’ abuse lands man in jail

Published 4:08 am Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Bogalusa man was arrested Saturday and charged with 28 counts of improper telephone communication and 28 counts of criminal mischief for making false 911 calls, according to Maj. Percy Knight of the Bogalusa Police Department.

Knight, the public information officer for the BPD, said the department had received numerous 911 emergency calls last week from someone who claimed he was having a medical emergency, and then used profanity toward the dispatchers before he hung up.

Billy Wayne Miller, 49, was located and arrested at his residence. Miller had reportedly called 28 times on Saturday alone.

The suspect was making the calls from a cellular phone, and BPD officers were able to find the name of the cell phone service provider and the identity of the suspect, according to Knight. The cell phone service provider additionally put a trace on the suspect’s cell phone in order to find his location, he said.

It was later learned through the Washington Parish 911 System that Miller had misused the emergency 134 times in a one-week period, Knight said.
“Thanks to the hard work of Lt. David Miller and his shift for locating and arresting the suspect, Billy Wayne Miller,” he said.