City: Don’t take handicapped parking spots

Published 4:38 am Friday, June 23, 2017

Due to repeated complaints to her office, Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette wants to “educate” the public on handicapped parking.

“Handicapped parking has been a problem for years,” she said. “I know of kids driving their grandparents’ cars. If you’ve got the handicapped tag, it’s legal to park in a handicapped spot. But the person driving the car should show some respect.

“People complain, and rightfully so. People need to be mindful of where they are parking.

“The police are mindful of the situation, and they’re doing their job. The problem is a lot of the spaces are in lots on private property, so they can run them off.”

Police Chief Kendall Bullen said the Bogalusa Police Department has the right, according to state law, to enforce the law even on private property and even when it’s against the wishes of the owners.

“We can, have, and will enforce this law,” he said. “The problem is we’ve got to be there to see them.”

Darrell Darden, who works in the city prosecutor’s office, said, “We do get handicapped tickets in court, and they get fined by the judge.

“That’s an eyesore for me. People ought to be more respectful of handicapped parking. A lot of times they use the excuse that they’re only going in the store for a minute.”

Perrette asks the public to consider their own health and the health of others when they think about taking a handicapped parking space.