Show your father love on this special day

Published 4:56 am Saturday, June 17, 2017

This is the weekend we celebrate our fathers, who with our mothers, who we celebrated on May 14, gave us life. The Daily News hopes you relish your father, your Dad or Papa, or whatever you call him.

While mothers are often the ones who get the credit for rearing successful, or at least good, loving kids, they couldn’t do that if the father figure is a dud. It takes the positive energy of both parents, if both are in the home, to provide role models.

The fathers of boys are obvious examples of how real men should treat women, the world, and life. And the fathers of all girls don’t get off easy, because they demonstrate what their daughters should hope to find in their future spouses.

If your Dad treated everybody with respect, regardless of gender, race or religion, consider him a good role model. If he acted with love in his heart, thank him while you are still able.

In fact, thank your father for all of the specific ways he blessed your life, and try to make him understand how far his reach truly extends into the future. That will make both him and you feel filled with your shared love.