RMC honors top nurse, staff member

Published 5:36 am Friday, May 19, 2017

Riverside Medical Center celebrated hospital week May 8-12. During this week, team members enjoyed events such as pizza dinners, gifts, door prizes, scavenger hunts, and even an ice cream bar. During this week full of events, Riverside also recognized employees for their years of service. The hospital also announced its “Nurse of the Year” and “Team Member of the Year.”

RMC is proud to announce Diana Stewart, as its Nurse of the Year for 2017. Stewart is a resident of Pine, and has been a Registered Nurse at Riverside Medical Center since 2013. She is married to James (Jimmy) Stewart; she is the mother of five children, and grandmother of four.

RMC staff said that Stewart is known for the kindness and compassion she shows to each and every patient at Riverside Medical Center. They are so thankful to have her as a team member, not only because of her dedication to her job, but the heart she puts in it every single day.

The hospital also announced Sandra Cummings as the Team Member of the Year for 2017. Cummings is a resident of Mt. Hermon, and has been an employee of Riverside Medical Center since 1997. Along with being selected for Team Member of the Year, Cummings also received her 20 years of service award.

Cummings has two daughters, Ashley Harper and Kasey Blackwood, and is the proud grandmother of two grandchildren. She works diligently in the medical records department, and is known for being not only dependable, but also kind. Cummings works with a smile on her face every day, and even though she spends most of her time in an office, and probably thinks no one notices, but “we do.”

RMC officials said that the hospital is proud to announce these two team members. As RMC moves forward in the year, they hope that all of the employees know the gratitude the administrative staff has for the extraordinary service they provide to our facility, our patients, and our community.