Monumental occasion: Photo added to historic marker

Published 5:39 am Saturday, March 25, 2017

City of Bogalusa and Museums of Cassidy Park representatives gathered at the place along the Bogue Lusa Creek where Bogalusa originated Friday to add a picture taken in 1906 to the long-standing monument to the city’s birthplace.

Bogalusa Parks and Recreation Director Landon Tims said he believes there “used to be bronze plaques” on the monument that now bears a picture of the old lumber camp.

“The museums have been trying to keep the history of Bogalusa alive, and now people who walk along the new trail will see where the city began, and they can actually visualize the tents,” said Museums volunteer Roosevelt Ludd.

“It was Roosevelt’s idea, and he took the ball and ran with it,” said Museums president Sandy Bloom. “He got with Sign Tech, and coordinated with the city.”

She said the museum plans to post additional historic pictures along the trail and in Cassidy Park, near where they were taken.

“I just like the idea of having a museum without walls,” Bloom said.

Public Works Director James Hall said the city would “put some tents up” on the original campsite, and that people will be able to donate to that project.

Tims added that the tents display would be only “decorative.”

“People won’t be able to sleep in them,” he said.