Art association members learn photography advice

Published 5:14 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

“With a photograph, you freeze a moment in time — one that may never be exactly the same again,” said Dr. Mike Price as he presented an informative program on photography for the Washington Parish Art Association at its Tuesday, March 14 meeting at Bogalusa First Baptist Church.

The program was of special interest to artist members, as most take photos of subjects for their artwork, and often photograph their finished paintings.

Price said he got into photography because he didn’t have the time to draw and paint and “got stuck on photos” because they “spoke to” him. He noted that photography is more than just shooting a lot of film and has more to do with composition than the quality of the equipment.

“You can take good photographs with a little box camera,” he said. “As long as you pay attention to some simple rules. He then led the group through the basics of good composition by presenting a slide presentation of examples of both good and bad compositions in photography.

“Don’t use a cluttered background. Put the focus where it needs to be,” he said, using a photo of a ladybug on a leaf to demonstrate.

Getting clarity was another thing he emphasized — getting the subject in focus — noting that a cell phone camera “takes pretty good photos,” but will not give the clarity one would desire in a good photograph.

He talked about exposures, depth of field, reflections, textures, curves and patterns, noting the eye will first go to the color red in any photo.

He went on to explain about the “rule of thirds” — getting the proper placement of the subject — framing the shot for a good photo, and lighting. He showed examples of front, side, back and angled lighting of subjects.

Price concluded with a presentation of some of his photography — much of it taken in Bogalusa and the surrounding area. He encouraged members to look for wonderful photo opportunities, which are all around.

Prior to the program, president Theresa Lomzenski conducted the business session. Plans were finalized for the art show and sale, to be held Sunday, March 26 from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. at the home of Sara Nelson in Clifton.

Show co-chairman Ann Warner called the names of those participating and reminded them that artwork was to be brought to the home on Wednesday, March 22 after 2 p.m. The show will be professionally hung the next day by Cindy Nicholas, a curator from Baton Rouge.

Participants were encouraged to stay with their artwork as much as possible during the show, to interact with visitors. Refreshments chairman Christine Beatty said she was collecting funds for refreshments from those who were not providing food for the event.

Routine reports were given and it was decided to be a sponsor for the Varnado Museum Youth Art Show, with a contribution of $100.

Terry Seal asked for volunteers to help repaint the American Legion insignia by Ponemah Cemetery in Bogalusa. She said volunteers did this four years ago and anyone who wants to help should call her. It will probably be done sometime in April.

Refreshments were served by the hostesses for the meeting — Cathy Robbins, Theresa Lomzenski, Peggy Boyles, Gayle McCants, Esma Irvine, Sandra Stewart and Patsy Jenkins.

Those attending were Terry Seal, Stan Goldberg, Pat Robbert, Sara Nelson, Christine Beatty, Reba Sanspree, Ann Warner, Lora Lynn Fendlason, Esma Irvine, Curtis Creel, Gayle McCants, Peggy Boyles, Sandra Stewart, Lawanna Penton, Kharon DeLaney, Kaye Williams, Lorraine Roshto, Janis Fisher, Cathy Robbins, Larisa Stewart, Theresa Lomzenski, Bob Ann Breland; and guests, Anna Katherine Slaughter and Dr. Mike Price.

This story is written by Bob Ann Breland, who is a member of the Washington Parish Art Association.