City: MCCA cleanup may be slow

Published 5:49 am Friday, February 24, 2017

Cleanup after Saturday’s MCCA XXXVII parade may take longer than usual this year, Public Works Director James Hall explained during Tuesday’s meeting of the Bogalusa City Council.

Hall said that the city usually uses a vacuum sweeper to quickly clean the roads of discarded beads and other trash, after the parade each year. However, the vacuum sweeper is not working and Hall was unable to find a similar piece of machinery for rental.

As a result, the city will instead have to use a regular broom sweeper to clean the streets. This broom sweeper will push the parade debris off to the sides of the road, allowing for cars to travel on the highways, but still leaving trash on the outside edges temporarily.

Hall said that an inmate crew from Rayburn Correctional Center will be picking up the waste Monday and Wednesday — the crew does not work Tuesday because of the Mardi Gras holiday.

“Please bear with us,” Hall said. “We will have it cleaned up by Wednesday.”