Mississippi man accused of Washington Parish burglary

Published 3:58 pm Monday, November 28, 2016

Antonio Patrick Peters, 30, a resident of Connerly Road in Tylertown, Miss., is in the Washington Parish Jail charged with burglary of an inhabited dwelling.

His bond is set at $10,000.

According to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s office, the charge comes from an alleged burglary on Nov. 15 at a Mt. Hermon home on Frankie Miller Road. Allegedly Peters gained entry into the house and took several items. According to the sheriff’s office, an eyewitness noticed Peters driving away from the home and was able to provide a description of the truck and a direction of travel. Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives were able to identify Peters as the driver of the truck. He was located inside the parish, arrested and placed in jail.

The investigation into this theft is ongoing and it is likely that more arrests will be made.

Sheriff Randy Seal commented, “These homeowners had been away from their home for only a very short period of time, only to return and discover they had been burglarized. It is so frustrating to know that things you have worked hard to obtain can be taken away by a thief who is too lazy to earn an honest wage. I congratulate our detectives for being able to identify Peters and put him in jail. The next step is recovery of all the stolen items. If you have received or purchased anything from Antonio Patrick Peters, please call our office at 985-839-3434.”