Taxes passed in city of Bogalusa

Published 8:25 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On the ballot in Bogalusa was a series of tax renewals.

All of those renewals passed, as expected, meaning the city will not face drastic budget cuts. The measures all passed with well over 50 percent of the vote with the least popular, the 10-year municipal services tax renewal, still earning just over 56 percent of the vote. The most popular, the 1-cent sales tax, passed with over 61 percent of the vote.

Mayor Wendy Perrette said she was happy the voters of Bogalusa decided to continue funding the city.

“I am thankful that the citizens of Bogalusa renewed the sales tax,” she said. “This is a renewal tax that been renewed since 1982 and I am glad the citizens realized the importance of it; it makes up 12 percent of our (entire) budget.”

The renewals do not increase taxes.

The voters renewed four taxes. First, they extended a 1-cent sales tax that’s been approved by voters since it was first voted on in 1982.

This tax generates about $2.4 million annually and it is used to fund the water, sewer, street, buildings and equipment.  In addition, 45 percent of this tax goes to the general fund.

Second, voters also approved three millages last renewed in 2007. The millages support the fire department by $190,000 per year, sewage, water, streets and parks by $190,000 per year and general municipal services by $254,000 per year.

Perrette said the property taxes make up about 19 percent of the property tax income for the city. The 1-cent sales tax makes up about 30 percent of the city’s sales tax revenue.