Scott Ard wins District D seat

Published 8:23 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scott Ard has won the District D race for the Bogalusa City Council.

He will replace Andy Deleon, who was an interim replacement for Malinda White. White was elected in 2015 to the state House of Representatives. Mizell beat Brian “Bambi” Mizell, Warren Bolds Jr. and Stacey Tallitsch. All ran as Democrats.

Mayor Wendy Perrette explained that Deleon can not run for the seat this year.

“Interim people are not allowed to run by city charter,” she said.

Ard finished with 402 votes. Mizell had 296, Bolds finished with 37 and Tallitsch had 27.

“Everything was good,” Ard said on Tuesday night. “We appreciate the support of God, that’s where it all comes from, and my family and all the people who helped us. They probably worked harder than I did. The ultimate goal was to let the people’s voice be heard and it was heard and I’ll continue to let their voice be heard. This was a win for the people of Bogalusa.”

Ard also praised his opponents and he said he looks forward to working with them.

“I appreciate all my opponents in the race as well,” he said. “They ran a really clean race. There was no ugliness. And I look forward to working with them and picking their brains for ideas they would have had had they won.”

Earlier in the year, the mayor praised Deleon’s time on the board.

“Mr. Deleon’s been a pleasure to work with,” she said. “I’ve worked with him in the past and I’m sure that whoever comes from that district will work to move our city forward.”