We already have our inheritance

Published 5:19 am Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My heart beat a little faster as I opened the email with the subject “column.” Usually, I let words flow straight from my heart to the page as I write, and don’t really know what I may find until I go back and read it myself. All the things I learned in high school and college composition never worked for me. If I try to map out my writing, it always comes out stale and stilted so I just sit down and let it flow.

This being said, I would never, ever want to offend anyone with a different opinion from my own. So…I always hold my breath and whisper a little prayer as I open any correspondence from a reader. To date, I have only received positive comments in my inbox and consider that a huge blessing.

Yesterday’s email touched my heart. It was short and to the point. The writer simply stated that he enjoyed my column and was raised in a green farmhouse in the Delta surrounded by cotton fields. What a thrill to know that someone connected emotionally to my writing. The fact that he is a newspaper publisher was an added bonus and encouragement!

As a young girl in junior high, I picked up a small book of poetry by Sarah Teasdale. My youthful eyes had no need of the cheaters I now use as they pored over the little hardback. I connected with the author and could soon recite almost every poem in her treasury. I felt that I had found a friend in Sarah. The book has long since vanished from my bookshelf, but the thoughts I shared with my friend remain in my heart.

God fashions all of his beautiful creation in such a unique way, and He instilled in me a love of reading and writing from the start. The true joy I find in my modest scribbling is the real gift. No matter what occurs in this old world I find rest and peace when I retreat to my quite place and peck on my computer.

One of the desires of my heart has always been to leave an inheritance for my children and grandchildren. Glen R. and I both grew up poor, so when God saw fit to bless us with good jobs we were so thankful. The idea of leaving a financial blessing to our children was dear to both our hearts, and we spent many nights lying in each other’s arms whispering promises of just that.

When Glen R. died suddenly 10 years ago, many of our dreams died with him. But the dream of leaving an inheritance for my children did not die. Widowhood hit me hard and many, many things in my life changed, but my faith in God did not waver. I did feel anger and many other emotions, but if anything my relationship with God grew richer and stronger.

I lay not in my husband’s arms, but alone in my bed crying out to my heavenly Father one dark night. My body racked with sobs as I cried aloud, “I wanted my children to have an inheritance!” A solid thought invaded my mind so firmly that I knew it was from Him. He stated simply, “Your children will have an inheritance.”

I have not worried about it since, because I know God can be trusted. The inheritance He will provide for my children will be infinitely greater than anything their Dad and I ever could.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.